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Here’s the deal, I provide an excellent blog hosting service, where WordPress is installed (the right way), integrated with Cloudflare (for improved speed and security), and backups of your blog are created every 24 hours.

Normally something like this is super expensive, but because of the volume and partnerships I leverage, I’m able to offer an exclusive blog starter hosting service for the equivalent of 65¢ per day – That’s less than a cup of coffee!

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, and for many WordPress hosting services are often the best solution for their website needs. It’s easy to use, has an amazing community of developers and designers supporting it, and it’s free!

WordPress Hosting Services

WordPress is a hero solution because it is best situated, and tooled, to be your online marketing foundation. And we want to help you get started with your next website or online store as quickly as possible. That’s why our hosting services are optimized specifically for WordPress sites. So you can focus on what matters – building your business, not worrying about your website crashing or disappearing into neverland.

Additional WordPress Hosting Solutions

Friendly human managed and supported WordPress hosting built for people!

Budget Hosting

Best for starting out


20GB Bandwidth

1GB Storage

SSL included

WordPress is installed for you

1 full account backup monthly

For approximately 15k visits per month

Growth Hosting

Most popular!


80GB Bandwidth

2GB Storage

SSL included

WordPress is installed for you

1 full account backup weekly

For approximately 60k visits per month

Business Hosting

Best for small business


160GB Bandwidth

3GB Storage

Delivery 4 posts per month

SSL included

1 full account backup daily

For approximately 120k visits per month

You don’t have time for downtime – so we’ve got that covered too! Our hosting services include daily backups of your complete account so if anything happens to go wrong on our end, we’ll just roll back until everything’s working perfectly again.

Plus all updates are automatically applied without any downtime at all – no more waiting around while plugins and themes update one by one after every core release (we know how annoying that gets). We personally vet updates before allowing them to automatically proceed.

On the tech side, we use Nginx servers for all WordPress hosting clients, making it possible for images to load approximately 50 times faster than traditional Apache webs servers. We also use oPCache cache which stores code in memory, resulting in further speed improvements to your WordPress driven website. We capitalize on the offerings of Cloudflare services to help give your website an additional speed boost!

Finally, SSL certificates are included with every WordPress hosting plan, which means your customers and audience will see the “safe” green padlock in their web browser address bar when they visit your site – which helps increase trust and conversions, since Google gives preference to secure websites in search results pages – and who doesn’t like getting higher search engine rankings?

All this adds up to give you peace of mind knowing that even if something does go wrong on our end, we’ll be here to help you every step of the way.

We provide a set it and forget it solution. No need for you to twiddle and troubleshoot. We worry about the tech, leaving you to grow your business!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

WordPress is the most user-friendly and fully featured platform with the best selection of plugins, themes and designs out there!

Not sure what WordPress can do?

The popularity of WordPress is due to its flexibility as a content management system (CMS). You can use it as a text-based blog, or build your entire website around the platform. The most popular uses for WordPress are to create websites and blogs. Even an entire social network has been created using this software. Its popularity stems from its flexibility and wide array of available plugins.

One of the great advantages to using WordPress is that there is a plugin for almost anything you could want. These plugins are created by both WordPress developers and third-party developers. There are plugins to help with SEO, add social media buttons, create galleries, and even add ecommerce capabilities. They allow users of all skill levels to create the website they’ve always dreamed of having!

With its ease-of-use and unending flexibility, it’s no wonder how WordPress has become so popular. Whether you want to create an entire website, a simple text-based blog, or even an online social network, this powerful platform can do it all. All you need to get started is a domain name and WordPress hosting. Don’t let your dreams of owning your own website go unrealized!

WordPress is open source software that’s free to use and modify, so setting up your own website has never been easier! With WordPress hosting and a domain name, you can have your new website up within minutes. You don’t even need any special skills or training. Even an absolute beginner will be able to pick it up quickly, since the interface is just familiar enough that people will feel at home with it right away.

The bottom line… is that WordPress (combined with WordPress hosting) is one of the most popular content management systems in existence today, due to its flexibility and wide range of available plugins. It’s used by people of all skill levels for everything from simple text-based blogs to complex websites. So whatever your needs may be, WordPress hand-in-hand with an optimized WordPress hosting solution is the perfect solution.

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