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For almost twenty years, my expertise in business management has helped businesses bring their goals to fruition. I provide practical, logistical services for your business website. The key strategies to help realize greater business freedom through smarter operations is paramount in today’s global marketplace.

Hello, My name is Roger Wheatley. In 2001, I embarked on a life long entrepreneurial journey. I bring to the table seasoned business management skills, practical experience, from front line management, through General Manager positions, to launching, maintaining, and selling my own businesses. I launched BlogLogistics to share what I’ve learned, as well as providing a venue delivering you with knowledge, and blueprints for your own journey towards freedom. Since then, I’ve…

  • Had the freedom to work at the things I most enjoy.
  • Launched more than one business.
  • Leveraged the online world to enhance freedom and opportunity.
  • Established a turnkey system which can be applied to an unlimited number of business ideas …and more
Roger Wheatley

As a Business Strategist, my primary goal is to help other startups and entrepreneurs maximize their profits and fast track business growth. Small businesses have enough to think about. I’m here to simplify things.

My Three Simple Nuts and Bolts…

Products and Services

Products or Services you sell. Addressing the convergence between your business passion and things your clients care about.


Clients who are willing to pay for them. Helping eliminate the pain points businesses are experiencing, as a road to business growth.


A way to get paid. In other words how to repeatedly get money for things you provide, while enhancing a passive income approach.

Why I  approach things differently from others

I give over 95% of my knowledge and expertise away for free, because I’m busy maintaining the road to freedom. I practice and use the systems I embrace, and can help, one-on-one, five people a month. If you’re not ready yet, I’ll continue to offer lots of free materials to help you, in addition to online courses and premium blueprint guides.

I’m a firm believer in standing back and looking at the big picture. The simple understanding, one of the keys to success is helping businesses rise up, out of the crowd. The need to simplify things, because business operators already have enough to think about. I help eliminate the “bling”, so you can focus on what matters.

I use the systems I edify, because they work, period. Practical approaches work best, while theory has its place, theory does not grow a business, practical hands-on application does. I’ve implemented the practical strategies time and again, and can advise what works, and what not so much. Providing simpler tools to overcome greater challenges.

Grant Fitz - Lab Manager @ Frontline Innovation LABs at CIBC

Image of Grant FitzA proactive service manager is what comes to mind when I think of the years I’ve been Roger’s client. Managing change, informative, non-disruptive methods are what I have come to expect in what he provides. He was always looking to improve the service offering, with more feature and functions that we as his clients could utilize. And if and when things went awry, he was on it and new exactly what to remedy. Many service providers, simply provide, but you don’t feel as though they’re looking to provide you with more. Roger was always looking to make and give more. An empathetic customer perspective is what gives him this. His priorities are in the right place while still focusing on the ROI. It’s a tough balance and he’s learned it well. The lessons he’s learned, the values that he started with and honed, are all about the “right stuff”. A tough cookie to beat!

Dennis J. Pitocco - Chairman & CEO | SOLOPRENEUR

Image of Dennis PitoccoRoger has been providing support for a number of our Websites for almost five years now and has repeatedly distinguished himself from virtually all other “tech support” organizations we’ve done business with. He’s accomplished this via an unparalleled level of 24/7 responsiveness and a consistent willingness to rise to every challenge we’ve tossed in his direction. Always a professional. Always understanding. And Always gets the job done right and on time. It is with pleasure that I and we recommend Roger.

What’s in it for you?

Here’s what you get!

Help from real people! I bring a wealth of wisdom and practical know how to the table, not theory. My network spans multiple industries, working together, to support you. We’re young, business professionals, like you, who understand what it takes to launch and grow a business. I’m here to help you.

A professional network! I’ve gathered multiple experts on an international scale, bringing services and knowledge right to your door, to help accelerate your business growth. You benefit from years of experience, without the pains of figuring it out as you go.

Knowledge and coaching! You have enough to think about already, we simplify things. We’ll even create customized guides, blueprints, and so on, as you need. The fact of the matter, we’re here to take away your pain-points. We help you work on your business and grow it.

How It Works

I help entrepreneurs create a growth strategy which lets them earn greater revenue. Providing logistical support for website marketing initiatives, and solutions to business challenges. I’ll provide logistical support in the following:

Business Planning – Leveraging the new demographics. How to box and sell your business. Developing practical, actionable business plans. Providing location independent tools and services. Enjoy the freedom to do what you’re passionate about.

Operational Planning – Creating killer offers. Launch process and cycles. The zen of business and self promotion. Principles to focus on profit. Leveraging price points which up-sell. Enjoy working on your business, while increasing its popularity.

Growth planning – Tweaking small actions to create large increases in revenue. Stabilizing cash flow with hub and spoke. Maximizing horizontal and vertical opportunities. Payment gateways. Have more money in your bank, feel free to enjoy life.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

“We help clients grow their business, using online solutions. We provide wisdom when they need answers, and simple tools to improve marketing”

  • Business Planning
  • Marketing Initiatives
  • Hosting Solutions
  • Challenge Resolution
  • Business Coaching
  • Opportunity Tagging
  • Systems Automation
  • Technical Support
  • Business Expansion
  • Promotion Targeting
  • Data Security

Ready to grow your business? Let's work together!

For almost twenty years, my expertise in business management has helped businesses bring their goals to fruition. I provide practical, logistical services for your business website. The key strategies to help realize greater business freedom through smarter operations is paramount in today’s global marketplace.