It’s not only about sales

The online market is more about improving your business by preserving relationships, and building influence.

We are living in a world where the foundations to business growth, the very tools and data we use are rapidly changing. For example, traditional marketing demographics of: age, location, and gender; are rapidly being grouped in other ways, such as: Interests, passions, and skills. The latter being a much more targeted niche for many of us. When you think about it, the best opportunities leveraged, are available to business operators who best adapt to change.

Simply put, the mission is: BlogLogistics helps clients grow their business, using online solutions. Providing wisdom for needed answers, and practical tools to improve operations.

I’ve spent the last twenty years honing the knowledge and services provided. In turn I’ve been involved in the growth and nurturing of several business operations. It makes me very happy when clients achieve (and in some cases) exceed their goals and expectations.

Having launched  more than one business myself, and developing a system that can help leverage business ideas, ultimately bringing them to fruition, has not been easy. In fact, I had my own share of bumps in the road, as my journey began.

Ascent to the journey…

Business PlanningI’m a strategist at heart, having always tinkered with ideas both technical and business. As with many, I followed the traditional path, launched a career, changed it, and also worked on my own business part time. I really enjoyed the personal and professional growth, not realizing a larger step was ahead. The company I was working for ceased operations, and I was left without a regular paycheck,  without the daily routine I so enjoyed. It was not as big a disaster as it could have been, my own small business kept me going, and I had my savings to draw on. I was extremely upset in the loss of several years of hard work, including a fair chunk of savings. I realized it was my fault, the fallacy of placing my future in someone else’s hands – It was a hard lesson to learn.

I began to mobilize my business management experience for greater vantage…

eCommerce, Internet marketing, social media, hosting solutions, etc. It was natural for me to push the boundaries. Online business solutions became a focus of mine, as I was fascinated to make the world even smaller, and the reach of clients even greater. Or more to the point, enabling businesses to target their niche with greater effectiveness.

One claim to fame is my knack for improving targeted traffic. One challenge I particularly recall, was to raise the monthly visitor rate of a blog from 3000 visits per month to 100,000. I accomplished this in two months and the blog was averaging a stable 80,000+ visitors monthly.

I realized this is of enormous value to any business; someone who can not only help improve online marketing, business operations, etc. but also take care of the logistics behind the scenes!

  • I had the technical skills with network engineering and web development.
  • Years of management and leadership experience with large P&L responsibility.
  • The ability to think creatively, in some measure imparted from living in multiple countries.
  • Business operations and strategy hands-on.

It allowed me to provide knowledge and expertise, while providing logistical support. A win-win helping businesses work on their business, so they could grow, instead of being stuck working in it.

Laying out the path…

The issues I faced back then, were how to launch online, and then increase income, as soon as possible. I also realized I needed to find a way to also grow a passive income. Something that would help earn revenue no matter where I was, or what I was doing. I needed the freedom to work on the business, not in it.

It’s very evident the Internet is a platform primarily for communicating information, and for selling your products or services. When businesses are invisible to the online world, thereby limiting the amount of traffic, thereby limiting the opportunity for people to consume your information and buy your products and services, they’ve failed in that regard, without question. It’s like building the most awesome storefront, with the most incredible products and services, on the plains of Mongolia, nobody is going to see it, let alone make a purchase.

Business StrategyAnd there was the key! Businesses can leverage the Internet to not only garner greater visibility. But also to assist in developing and maintaining a passive revenue stream. More so with the enhanced ability to reach niche markets, the very people that are most interested in your products and services, providing the new growth. I knew the logistics behind supporting online business operations.
When driving business, you need to look what’s ahead of you! I’m a pathfinder, I forge ahead shouldering the challenges so clients don’t have to. As one client phrased it, I’m the “go to guy”.

One important thing that improves your business strategy, is learning about your business needs, developing a solution with you, then sharing a high level of knowledge and expertise to bring your goals to fruition.

Ninja tip: Your business offerings best work when focusing on solving the pain points of your niche client. It is easier to sell your offerings when a potential client sees that you can solve their challenges.

I do not work for you… I work with you!

All my experiences lead to something great. I can help businesses reach a level of growth, including horizontal or vertical. I can work with them to plan a path, to help avoid common mistakes.

If you do not choose to work with me, that’s okay too! My blog, the products and services I offer will help you in a way that’s useful to you, and at your own pace.

Need help creating your own Business Growth Strategy?

I provide practical, logistical services for your business website. The key strategies, and technologies, to help realize greater business freedom through smarter operations , helping bring your goals to fruition. Are you ready?

Leverage Global Solutions

Strategy: Include CDN, eMail systems, and automation solutions

We use CDN (“Content Delivery Network”) solutions to serve your resources from a web server that is geographically closest to the location of your visitors and clients. This helps improve the experience and helps ensure the availability of your online offerings.

Many don’t realize it’s safer to separate the email server from your web server. Is it a good idea to place all your eggs in one basket server – Probably not. We work with you to ensure email communications are independent!

One key is to ensure your sales system is as automated as possible. Are you still manually trying to follow up with clients after a purchase? Are you still manually reaching out to existing and potential clients? – You don’t have to, we’ll work with you to ensure a timely, smooth “system” that does the hard juggling for you, leaving you the time to grow your business.

Automate the Sales Funnel

Strategy: Deploy tools that streamline, upsell, and resell

So, here’s the issue… Why are many of us manually directing online business activities? Think about that for a moment, if we are stuck working in our business, how are we able to find the time to step forward and focus on building business? We can help here, by working with you to deploy automated solutions that not only take care of the repetitive tasks, but also improve your sales!

A case in point, businesses are always looking to increase average sales price. Doing so increases the bottom line. Increasing web traffic and conversions also increases your profitability. What’s an easy way to do this? Upsell and cross-sell, even “sale after sale” on each transaction. Difficult to do if you’re still working manually, we can make it a breeze after automation. The added benefit? It’s simple to make subtle tweaks after. Often a very small tweak can result in larger revenue increases.

Maximize Lead Conversions

Strategy: Deploy chatbots, website interactions, and Calls to Action

Website under-performing? When leads visit your website is there any direction? The #1 reason your online initiatives do not convert, results from a poor mobile experience (the #2 is lack of Calls to Action).

We’ll help you guide your leads in a more effective manner, and in a way you can easily tweak as needed.

Often people don’t realize that a website is a marketing tool, it needs to be dynamic, mobile friendly, accessible, and have some clear calls to action. If not, it simply won’t perform in today’s world. We help guide you with effective solutions, and can even implement them for you.

As business owners, we are always on the go, wouldn’t it be nice if your website works for you, instead of the other way around? That’s also where we can help you! Establishing clear calls to action, leveraging effective solutions such as chatbots, social media, blogging, video and other interactive, sales-building solutions.

Create Passive Revenue

Strategy: Build once, sell multiple. Wash, rinse, and repeat

For many business operations a product or service is purchased once, then it’s gone. How can a business increase sales and profitability further? That’s why passive income is so important. We all know the old adage “Time is money” – What’s more efficient, spending time to sell one product, or maintain the ability to devote your time to building the business, while a product or service sells repeatedly?

Passive income is a powerful addition to your business success, without question, we can help provide the logistics to automate your product or service offerings. In terms of business growth, passive income helps reduce the stresses related to cash flow, so that you maintain the mental clarity to focus on nurturing your business. It’s truly a “wash, rinse, repeat” system.

Expand the Niche

Strategy: Maximize convergence by helping remove client pain points

Without question, reaching out to a specific niche, is a powerful approach, and it’s recommended. Marketing is more effective when a business is passionate about a product or service, that people are interested in. In other words what your business does best and what people are willing to spend money on – That’s convergence.
Once you’ve leveraged as much as possible, in an existing niche, how do you grow? That’s a legitimate concern.

Identify where there is some overlap between clients in your existing niche and other potential niche markets they interact in. Evaluate how your current business operations can address the needs (the convergence).

Another approach is to increase offerings to your existing niche, through vertical growth (going deeper), by serving existing clients with different levels of need, or horizontal growth (going broader), by serving more clients with related needs.

Need help creating your own Business Growth Strategy?

I provide practical, logistical services for your business website. The key strategies, and technologies, to help realize greater business freedom through smarter operations, helping bring your goals to fruition. Are you ready?