The Writing Calculator: 4 Easy Steps to Staying on Track

Setting time-based goals for a writing project can help to ensure that the project is completed on time. This writing calculator will help make your project easier (and stay on track). When you have a specific deadline to meet, it can be helpful to break the project down into smaller tasks that can be completed in a shorter amount of time. This can help to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the project and make it less daunting.

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A word calculator can help you stay on track with writing goals by breaking down the number of words you need to write each day in order to complete the project by your deadline. This way, you can ensure that you are making progress towards your goal each day.

This calculator is divided into four sections, each of which aims to provide you with useful information regarding this writing task’s various aspects.

Goal Setting Using the Writing Calculator.

In this section, define how many words you want to write and set a self-imposed deadline. We set the default values to 50,000 words and 30 days, but of course you can adjust them according to your needs.

Productivity: Progress Until Now.

This section is for a quick reality check: how much progress have I made? Simply input the current date and the total number of words written to date. With this calculator, you can figure out when you’ll be done with your writing project as well as what percentage is currently complete.

Output: Staying on Track.

This section allows you to see how much writing you still have left for the month, and plan accordingly. The writing calculator you how many words (and days) you have left, and how many words you need to write every day in order to finish your project on time. This way, you can better manage your time and make sure that your writing is completed on schedule!

Completion: When Will You Finish?

This part re-calculates how many words you’ve been producing into hours. All you have to do is tell the writing calculator how many words you can write per minute. By default, 15 wpm is the equivalent of 1000 words per hour; however, if you hand write or are an elite typist, this value will be different.

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