WordPress Website Transfer

Simple WordPress Website Transfer

We are a human first business! Real people, ensuring your WordPress powered website is well managed, functional, and well supported! The services we provide are specifically people focused, and we will personally hand-manage your transfer, from the old web hosting account to your new BlogLogistics account.

Transfer of your existing WordPress website from somewhere else, to BlogLogistics is free! We promote added value to the services we provide!

We provide a professional website migration service offered when transferring into your BlogLogistics WordPress hosting account! Our team has the technical expertise to perform every task required to transfer your files and databases. We’ll reach out to you for key information then work through the process to successfully transfer your website to BlogLogistics. When the transfer is complete, we’ll let you know so you can resume business as usual.  We strive to make the transfer as seamless as possible.

Ready to transfer? Start by creating your WordPress hosting account!

Have a question? Need more information? Need something specific for your transfer? Feel free to reach out and ask. This handy form below, makes that a snap!

We also provide some incredibly effective, growth enhancing WordPress optimization and maintenance packages. We offer everything from bare-bones maintenance to security, protection and performance offerings!

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