Don’t Ignore Local Search Ads Increase Your Revenue!

There’s a lot of discussion these days about search engine optimization (SEO) and its importance for small businesses. And while SEO is definitely important, it’s not the only way to increase your web traffic and revenue. In fact, you may be overlooking an important source of traffic and revenue generation if you’re not taking advantage of local search ads. Don’t believe me? Keep reading to find out why local search ads can be a valuable tool for small businesses!

What are Google Local search ads and how do they work?

Google local ads are a type of ad that you can put on… Well… Google. You choose the keywords people might use to find your business, and then your ad will show up when they search for those things.

Here’s an example of local search ads in action:

When someone searches for ‘Italian restaurants near me’ (or any other keyword you choose), Google local ads will pop up with local restaurants that meet the searcher’s criteria. This means more eyes on your business without doing any extra work! So how can local search ads be better than SEO?

Local search ads are a quick and easy way to get more local web traffic without having to work on local SEO. Since local search is location based, your business will show up in local searches even if you don’t have a website or an online presence at all!

In contrast, SEO takes a lot of time and money to really have an impact on local search results. It usually involves writing local-specific content, creating local citations, and getting links from local websites.

So which is better for local businesses… Local SEO or local search ads? The truth of the matter is that it depends on your business. If you have a brick-and-mortar store OR if you have a local service, local search ads is the way to go.

If you own an ecommerce or online business that’s not local, then local SEO, instead, is probably your better focus to local success.

I’ve already touched on why local search ads are better than local SEO for Brick & Mortar stores, and local services like plumbers, locksmiths, etc. But don’t discount… Local search ads are great for local ecommerce businesses too!

Think about it, you’re probably searching for local products and services the same way everyone else does: “Japanese knives near me”, “LED garden lights near me”, “hardware store near me”, etc. So why not use local search ads to get your local products/services in front of those local ecommerce searchers?

Local search ads also have a huge benefit when it comes to local mobile searches. In fact, local search accounts for more than one out of every five local mobile searches in the US! (and this number is growing – rapidly). Local mobile searches are only going to increase as more and more people use their smartphones and tablets to find local products and services.

In contrast, local SEO isn’t as mobile optimized – yet. This means you’ll have to work twice as hard with local SEO if you’re a local business owner who wants to target local mobile searchers.

So… in a nutshell, local search ads can boost your local web traffic and revenue because it’s location based and easier to manage than local SEO. And local search ads are mobile optimized which is perfect for local ecommerce businesses who want to target local mobile searchers.

If you’re in the local business game, local search ads should be part of your marketing strategy!

Why should businesses use Google Local search ads to promote their products or services?

Google local search ads are perfect for small businesses that want to promote their products and services to local customers. These ads appear when people search for businesses in their local area, so they’re a great way to reach potential customers who are already looking for what you have to offer.

What are some of the benefits of local search ads?

  • Highly targeted local audience
  • You can reach this local audience on Google Search as well as Google Maps
  • Links to your website’s local landing pages
  • In ad extensions you can help people find your opening hours, online booking details and more

What type of business is local search ads perfect for?

Local search ads are great for any local business, like local retail stores and restaurants. But they’re also useful for local professionals, like doctors, painters, realtors, electricians, mechanics, etc..

How much do local search ads cost?

There’s a set daily budget to go with your local campaign – depending on how much you spend, you could find local customers for just $5 per day or less. You can also set your own daily budget, which is what you should start with while testing the local search ads feature (besides, if you spend more than your set budget, local search ads will pick up on this and show your ad even more frequently).

How can businesses make the most of their Google Local search ad campaigns for better results?

There are a few key methods and tips businesses can use to make their local search campaigns more profitable:

  1. Make sure your business is accurately listed in Google Maps. This will ensure that your business appears in local search results.
  2. Use ad extensions to provide more information about your business, such as opening hours, contact information, and website links. This will help potential customers learn more about your business and what you have to offer.
  3. Set a realistic budget for your local search campaign, and make sure you’re tracking your spending so you don’t go over budget.
  4. Use local landing pages to drive website traffic specifically from local search ads. This will help you track the effectiveness of your local search ads campaign.
  5. Track local search ad performance with AdWords conversion tracking, call tracking, and local phone number ads . This will help you measure the success of your local search campaign based on how many phone calls or website conversions it’s generating.
  6. Make local search ads work for you by adding more keywords to your display URLs for better results. For example, if you’re a local plumber in Toronto, start local search ad campaigns with something like “Toronto” and “Plumber”, so you’ll appear when people search with those keywords like this: – In this case to target local customers looking for plumbers in their local area.

What are some tips for creating effective Google Local search ads that generate more leads or sales conversions?

If you want to make local search ads work (as in “properly targeting” your audience), you should use keywords related to your specific niche offering. You should also think about showing people the specific things they are looking for in local search ads. You could use more general tools like Google Trends (input your keywords and see what is trending, along with related topics), so you can help better target your local search ads.

If you want to generate more local search revenue through local search ads, you can do this by using the keywords that people use when they use local search for what your business offers (in their area).

You can create local ads that show up in local-search results using a Google AdWords account. You can sign up for local ad campaigns through your local campaign by visiting the Google AdWords website.

You can modify local search ads at any time to get more local search revenue. To do this, you would be redirected to local ads in local search engine results page (SERP). You will also see a list of keywords that local search ads are using. You can then see how local search ads are related to local searches. Then you will be able to improve local search ad campaigns by changing keywords, locations and more.

Here is a video from the Google Digital Garage (Digital Marketing Fundamentals) course, that further addresses some of these points…

If you’re ready to engage Google Ads in general, I provide a professional service that creates the copy for your Google Ad Headline and Ad Description. This way you can focus on your business, instead of trying to play around with the ad content. As a bonus, I provide 3 copies (3 versions), that you can keep and use.

Are there any other benefits to using Google Local search ads for businesses apart from increased visibility and traffic?

There are many hidden benefits of using local search ads for businesses. One of the most important benefits is that local search ads help businesses to stand out from their competitors. Local search ads also help businesses to connect with local customers, which can result in increased revenue. Additionally, local search ads help businesses to target potential customers who are looking for local businesses.

How can local search ads help businesses to stand out from their competitors?

In the local business world, it is crucial for local business owners to show up first on Google Search (or as close as possible to the top of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). If a local business owner does not show up first and is instead buried at the bottom of this local listing (it happens), then the traffic will go to a local business that does show up first. The local search ads allow local businesses to be at the top of the local listings, which means that they have a much better chance of generating local traffic.

How can local search ads help businesses to connect with local customers?

Local search ads help local businesses to attract new customers from their local area. When local business owners use local search ads, they are not only targeting local customers who may be looking for local businesses but also prospects who are searching for local keywords (such as “restaurants in my area”). This means that local businesses can drive traffic to their website and connect with local customers even if these local customers aren’t looking specifically for local businesses.

How can local search ads help local businesses to target potential customers who are looking for local businesses?

Local search ads allow local business owners to reach out to local customers who are searching for local keywords (such as “restaurants in my area”). This means that local business owners don’t need to target local keywords to drive traffic to their local business. Instead, local search ads give local businesses the opportunity to target local customers who are looking for local businesses and connect with them by showing up in Google Search.

In which ways does Google Local Business Center help local businesses?

Google’s Local Business Center is a free tool for local business owners that helps local businesses to manage local listings, create local ads and more. The Local Business Center allows local business owners to stay up-to-date with local information across Google services such as Maps, Search and Place Pages. Additionally, the Local Business Center provides local businesses with valuable insights about their local performance that can help them to improve their presence online.

How much does it cost to run a Google Local search ad campaign, and is it worth the investment?

It can cost some money to run a local search ad campaign on Google, but it’s worth the investment. The ads can help local businesses to connect with local customers and stand out from their competitors. Additionally, the insights that local businesses get from running local search ads can help them to improve their online presence.

Is it worth using local search ads for local customers or should local business owners focus on local content, local social media and local SEO instead?

It’s important for local businesses to use local search ads in addition to local content, local social media and local SEO. Local search ads help connect with customers locally, while the other factors help attract new local customers to local businesses.

Why is it important for local business owners to monitor local search rankings?

Local business owners should monitor local search rankings because this will allow them to see how they compare with competitors and identify opportunities that can help improve their local presence online. Monitoring local search rankings can also give local businesses an idea of what it takes to rank higher in local search results.

What can local brands do to stay ahead of local businesses that are not showing up on local listings?

Local brand owners should focus on their local market and ensure that they always have a strong local presence. It’s important for local brands to create content about the region, become active on social media sites that are relevant to local customers and invest in local SEO.

These insights can help local brands stay ahead of competitors who are not showing up on local listings by engaging local consumers online.

Finally, Google Local Search ads are a great way to get your business in front of potential customers who are searching for local businesses (you are helping customers find you).

Simply put, these types of ads allow you to display themselves on top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) when someone searches for keywords related to your company or service offerings.

After setting up an account with Google AdWords and determining which keyword phrases will be relevant to your campaign, you’ll need to set a budget that fits into your marketing plan.

The good news is that there are many tools available that can help you determine how much money should go towards each different type of ad so it doesn’t take long before you’re able to see if this strategy works out for you! If not, of course, you can always adjust your campaign accordingly.

Once everything is set up correctly – local search ads are a great way to help local brand owners connect with local customers and generate new business revenue.

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