Why You Should Use Email Marketing: 8 Excellent Reasons

You might be wondering why you should use email marketing when there are so many other promotional channels out there. Well, we’re here to tell you that email marketing is still one of the most effective and successful ways to connect with your customers and drive conversions. Here are 8 reasons why you can’t ignore email marketing, and why you should leverage email marketing for enhanced sales growth!

Use Email Marketing - 8 Reasons.

The Reach of Email Marketing is Greater.

Email is the largest professional communication channel internet. Everybody has an email address that they check every day (usually several times daily – ongoing). Email can reach more people, directly and personally, than social media. In fact, email marketing has a more successful delivery impact than any other type of online marketing.

That’s because email is permission-based, which means people have to sign up to receive your emails. As a result, your subscribers are already interested in what you have to say, so they’re more likely to open and act on your emails.

Email marketing also drives more conversions than any other type of online marketing. In fact, for every dollar spent on email marketing, the average return is approximately $43. That’s because email is a highly effective way to connect with your audience and promote your products or services.

Email Marketing is not Algorithm Restricted

One of the best things about email marketing is that your content isn’t restricted by algorithms like it is on social media. Your email content will always be seen by your subscribers, which is a huge advantage over other promotional channels.

This means that your email content will always be seen by your subscribers, no matter how many people are subscribed to your list. Additionally, when you use email marketing, you have a more successful delivery impact than other channels, because it’s not filtered by search engines like Google. This means that your subscribers are more likely to see your content, and you’re more likely to get conversions from your campaigns.

What does search engine filtering mean? Search engines like Google endeavour to provide search results that are likely more relevant to you (based upon the profile that’s created around your search activities). The problem… If you’re looking for something new, it’s very hard to break though that filter bubble. Email cuts through this, as it’s sent directly to your audience.

About the filter bubble… In the video below Eli Pariser describes the challenge very well – And you can then realize how email marketing campaigns are able to cleave through and deliver your message directly.

Beware Online Filter Bubbles

Email Marketing Drives More Conversions

Not only does email have a large reach, but it’s also incredibly effective at driving conversions. Email campaigns see an average conversion rate of around three percent – which is significantly higher than the conversion rates seen with social media or other online marketing channels.

To put this another way… Email marketing is a good way to increase sales revenue. It’s when you use email to talk directly to people who might want to buy something from you. When people buy products or services, resulting from your email. You can measure how successful your email marketing is by looking at the “conversion rate.” This means how many people out of all the people who saw your email actually bought something from you.

Email Marketing is the Preferred Promotional Channel

Not only is email marketing incredibly successful, but it’s also the preferred promotional channel for most customers. In fact, 88% of consumers prefer to receive commercial communications via email. That’s a huge majority!

Why is Email Marketing the Preferred Promotional Channel?

There are a few reasons:

First, as mentioned, email marketing has a much higher delivery rate than other channels, like social media. In fact, email has a 95% open rate, while social media has a mere 6% – Remember social media filters how often your message displays, whereas email is a direct line to your audience!

Second, email marketing drives more conversions than other channels. For example, email marketing has a 3x higher conversion rate than social media.

Third, email marketing has a greater ROI. For every $1 spent on email marketing, you can expect to receive an average of $43 in return. That’s an incredible ROI (which is an understatement).

Fourth, customers prefer to receive commercial communications via email. In fact, 88% of consumers would rather receive communications from businesses via email.

Email Marketing Has an Awesome ROI

Because email marketing is a highly successful promotional channel, having a larger to help drives conversions (not forgetting that incredible return rate on the dollar). This means that businesses can see a significant return on investment from email marketing campaigns. With such a high ROI, businesses should use email marketing as an additional, but key part of their marketing strategy.

Email marketing is a powerful tool that businesses should use to reach their target audiences. When you use email marketing as a backbone, your business can reach a growing number of pre-qualified, interested leads, and grow successful conversions. With these benefits, there’s no reason for businesses not to use email marketing in their promotional strategy.

Email is Mobile Optimized

With more and more people using their smartphones to check their email, it’s important to make sure that your email content is mobile optimized. Mobile optimization ensures that your email looks great on all devices, and makes it easy for customers to convert on the go. These days it seems we’re virtually tethered to our mobile devices.

Anytime, anywhere, 24/7 – Your email campaign is marketing your business, and bringing in revenue, even while you are sleeping! For many business operators, this alone is a compelling reason to use email marketing.

Email Content is Engaging

When you use email marketing, you’ll find that your quality content is highly engaging (yes, make sure the content has quality and value). This is because people appreciate authenticity and genuine connections, which is exactly what you’ll be able to provide with email marketing. Your customers will appreciate the personal connection they have with your brand, and they’ll be more likely to convert as a result. So don’t ignore the option to use email marketing – it’s a powerful way to connect with your customers and drive conversions.

Email Campaigns are Automated

Another great thing about email marketing is that you can automate your email campaigns. This means that you can set up your email campaign once, and it will continue to run on autopilot – saving you time and effort in the long run!

This offers some significant advantages:

First, you’re able to do A/B testing. This is where a couple versions of your email are used, and you are able to see which version performs best (and therefore you’ll use).

Second, it’s simpler to make adjustments once, which will be reflected across your campaign (this saves a lot of time – believe me on this).

Third, automated campaigns can include the analytics you need, so you won’t have to jump through hoops, trying to set up meaningful analytics, or with trying to create readable reports.


Email is the most popular way to communicate with prospects and customers. It’s also one of the cheapest and easiest ways for your business to use marketing automation. Email campaigns allow you to use email content that includes personalized messages, offers, product recommendations, polls – anything that would be a great addition to your strategy!

With all of these advantages, it may seem like there’s no reason not to utilize email marketing in your marketing plan. And you would be right! A business that realizes how to use email marketing effectively, as one (larger) facet of their marketing initiative, will certainly expect to experience an increase in related revenue!

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