Terms of Use

This document describes your requirements for using this website, compensation we may receive from your purchases which originate on this website, and how this website treats your personal information. Personal Information is data that is personally identifiable, such as your name, mailing address, email address, and information which is not otherwise publicly available.

This website is owned and operated by BlogLogistics. By accessing and browsing this website, you are accepting, and are bound by, these Terms of Use.

Terms of Use and Terms of Purchase

Client Support
Our client support can be accessed by visiting the Client Support page found here: https://www.bloglogistics.com/client-support

Refund Policy
All purchases made on BlogLogistics.com of BlogLogistics products and services are subject to our Refund Policy, which you may read here: https://www.bloglogistics.com/refund-policy

Delivery of Products and services
Most of our products are digital in nature. eBooks, guides, online memberships, online training courses, and similar products will be available to you online after purchase with nothing sent to your mailing address. You will receive email after your purchase is complete, advising you how to access your product or service.

Affiliate Links
Occasionally, this website will link to books, audio products, video products, information products, or other goods and services available for sale using affiliate links. Affiliate links are used to track purchases you make on other websites which this website refers you to, and to pay this website a commission for referring you.

Commonly, links to websites like amazon.com are affiliate links, and this website will earn a commission on any purchases you make. We may also refer you to information products or goods and services where we may earn additional commission.

Links to other websites, including websites offering larger purchases or investments, may be affiliate links as well, or may use some other method to compensate this website for referring you.

Any referral or recommendation this website makes for a product or service is made first and foremost because we believe in the product or service being recommended and feel it will be of legitimate interest to our readers or clients. We may refer products or services that initially do not compensate us, and later make an arrangement with that merchant to earn a commission for future referrals.

Any goods or services this website may refer you to are believed to be of legitimate value, but you must always complete your own due diligence research and investigation before making any purchase or investment. Bloglogistics cannot be held responsible for transactions or investments you make as a result of a referral from this website. If you wish to enter into a relationship with a merchant, you are doing so of your own volition, and therefore must complete your own due diligence research and investigation before entering into such relationship.

Last edited on May 25, 2018