Terms of Sale for BlogLogistics

Terms of sale at BlogLogistics

The document below provides the terms of sale for BlogLogistics products and services.


The term “products” is used to describe the writing services, hosting services, or any other offering provided by BlogLogistics, such as writing service subscriptions, or WordPress hosting services.


You can access a variety of products at www.bloglogistics.care / www.bloglogistics.com. BlogLogistics has the right to change the text, conditions, type, and availability of any of our terms of service, service items at any time.

Visit the client account area of www.bloglogistics.care for information on your product purchases, including payment options.


BlogLogistics facilitates your payment when you place an order. We accept major credit cards. Stripe is our merchant provider, used when accepting all payments made via www.bloglogistics.care. We have the right to refuse any purchase or order at our discretion.

If your initial authorization for payment is revoked, you will be unable to make any further purchases of products, existing products will be terminated.

All charges for products that have been provided are nonrefundable, this also applies to products that have been ordered and completed but have not yet been delivered.


When you make a purchase at BlogLogistics, the price will be clearly indicated in your shopping cart as you proceed through the ordering process. You agree to pay for each product purchased at the time of your order as well as any applicable taxes or fees.

Discounts may be offered to clients on a volume / bulk basis and advertised at the time of order, and such offerings must be obtained by first contacting BlogLogistics at www.bloglogistics.com/contact-bloglogistics, before ordering products. Any discounts cannot be applied retroactively.

We reserve the right to change prices and fees at any time. If a fee mentioned is determined by us in our sole discretion to be incorrect, we are not required to provide you with the products at that price. We will inform you of the error and allow you to cancel your order, and if payment has been made to also receive a refund for same.

Unpaid Invoices

The product will be immediately terminated if your payment method isn’t valid or fails. You will remain responsible for any charges incurred. You will also be responsible for all associated costs in connection with the collection of unpaid amounts, such as court fees, attorney’s fees, and collection agency expenses.

Third Parties

If you obtained your products from a third party, these Terms of Sale may not apply to you. We are not responsible for any claims related to purchases made through third parties. Please contact the third party directly if you have any questions.

Deliverable Products

If the delivered products are not acceptable because they do not meet your expectations, you will inform us within two (2) days of delivery. We agree to correct or revise the delivered products as soon as possible, at no additional cost to you as long as the reasons for a revision are warranted via our revision policy. Please see the details underneath the “Revisions” heading of this agreement.


BlogLogistics provides creative products (referred to as “content”) such as written articles. Copyright legislation in Canada, and many other copyright jurisdictions stipulate, if a work is commissioned, the client is considered the copyright holder. The writer may or may not retain the “Moral Rights”. You shall maintain worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, and transferable license for any content that you order and approve. For such content, the writer grants and licenses to the client the sole and exclusive right to publish, perform, display, reproduce, distribute, create derivative works and sell the delivered and approved content in any type of media, including but not limited to, print and / or online media and all electronic, online, or any other media. We do not retain the rights of any exclusive content, nor do we resell or republish it to anyone else for their use.

Content Limitations

BlogLigistics provides content for numerous subjects, however does not provide content for all subjects. BlogLogistics does not provide content for orders that:

  • are pornographic, obscene, indecent, slanderous, libelous, defamatory, fraudulent, untrue, inaccurate, misleading, hateful or unlawfully threatening, abusive, harassing, violent, sexually explicit, nude, or in any way degrading to human nature or harmful or indecent to minors;
  • discriminate based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, sexual identity, or age;
  • violate any laws statutes, codes, rules, ordinances or regulations of any Canadian jurisdiction or promote illegal activities;
  • violate a third party’s rights, including without limitation, proprietary rights or privacy rights;
  • are academic materials, papers, journals, school / course homework assignments, or articles.

In the event of violation, we will request you to revise and send us information that fits within these guidelines. If you are unable to do so, we will refund the payment of the order if you have already rendered full payment to us.


BlogLogistics has a two (2) day acceptance policy. If the product is not acceptable to you, you will inform us within two (2) days of delivery. If you do not notify us within two days of delivery about any concern or issue with the content provided to you, that content will then be automatically deemed “acceptable”. There are no refunds available whatsoever for accepted content. If you notify us within two days of delivery about an issue or concern with your content, you agree to allow us at least one opportunity to correct or revise the content as soon as possible at no additional cost to you as long as the reasons for a revision are warranted via our “Revisions” policy included in this agreement.

BlogLogistics does not begin work for content writing orders, until payments have completely cleared through payment gateway providers (such as Stripe). In practice, Stripe can take up to four (4) days to finalize a payment and provide the funds to BlogLogistics. The delivery period advised for your products begins when the payment gateway provider has released the funds and provided said funds to BlogLogistics.


BlogLogistics is committed to delivering valuable products and services.

We are proud to have a high client satisfaction rate and will make every effort to ensure you are satisfied with services provided to you.


Because products and services are customized to your specific needs, we are unable to provide any refunds whatsoever.

We focus on creating a great experience for clients by guaranteeing that clients receive the products and services requested.

If you purchase services or products and are having difficulty, please contact us and we will do our best to help you resolve any challenges. Web hosting based services are due thirty days in advance. Domain name registration services are due thirty days in advance. Orders for content are due at the time of ordering.

Stopped / cancelled electronic payments (such as credit card payments) are subject to a $35 service charge. NSF cheque payments are subject to a $50 service charge. Bank transfer payments that are stopped / cancelled, are subject to a $30 service charge.


BlogLogistics does not offer unlimited revisions of written or other creative products. In the unlikely event there may multiple spelling errors, grammar errors, or the article content is not related to the subject matter, from your initial instructions, BlogLogistics will revise and supply you with a revised version.

BlogLogistics is not responsible for poor instructions, unrealistic expectations, or mistaken instructions, that were provided in your initial product purchase order. In the event such an issue occurs, you will be asked to order the product again, and provide better instructions. Always provide enough relevant information in your order, so as to provide the information BlogLogistics requires to create your content – If you are unsure, please contact BlogLogistics before ordering.


Contant or products provided by BlogLogistics does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information or products represented on this website.

Content provided by BlogLogistics does not imply that BlogLogistics is an expert or professional in the information provided. The content provided does not dispense medical, legal, financial, or any professional advice whatsoever, nor does such content advise any treatment or strategy that should be tested without the advice of a professional. Information provided via the services and or products on this website is for educational or entertainment purposes only. You retain responsibility for the use of any products or content purchased through either of the www.bloglogistics.care and or www.bloglogistics.com website.

Jurisdiction of Law

This Agreement and your relationship with BlogLogistics shall be governed by the laws of Ontario, Canada, notwithstanding any rules of conflicts of law.

You and BlogLogistics consent to the courts in and for The Region of York, Ontario, Canada exercising personal and exclusive jurisdiction.


You understand and agree that subscription products may renew on a periodic basis (such as monthly, annually, etc.), and BlogLogistics may charge you for each such renewal without notice unless you terminate your subscription.

You may request a refund within the first seven (7) days of a purchase of any new web hosting plan. Beyond this period for refunds, there are no refunds for partial subscription plans under any circumstances.

You may cancel your subscription at any time. Upon cancellation, you will continue to have access to your account on the www.bloglogistics.care website.

Please, also be sure to review the Terms of Hosting, regarding BlogLogistics products and services.