Install Nginx on cPanel Through Engintron

Issue: Improve performance of WordPress websites; the speed at which resources are loaded. Example is a CentOS (LAMP) using cPanel/WHM Solution: Install the Nginx reverse proxy cache (with the Engintron plugin). Engintron improves the performance and web serving capacity of a WHM server. It does this by installing and configuring the Nginx web server to … Read more

The Perfect WordPress wp-config.php

Issue: Standardizing the WordPress config, for use in multiple installations, and with settings that help improve operations. Solution: Use the following code (below) as a drop-in for installations. Simply replace the code that contain “…XX…” with your valid code. And… Always generate new salt keys; by visiting: (never use the same keys across multiple … Read more

WordPress Database Optimization MariaDB / MySQL and Other MySQL Queries

Issue: Sometimes databases, such as used by WordPress, need to be cleaned, as excessive cruft, over time, would slow down database operations. Solution: Prune unnecessary data out of the database, using the following commands. ALWAYS, make sure to create a database BACKUP BEFORE doing anything with your database. If there is a disaster, you would … Read more