MariaDB Error Column last_update in table “mysql”.”innodb_table_stats”…

Issue: After stepped updates from MariaDB 10.0 to 10.3, the following error is displayed (in the error log): InnoDB: Error: Column last_update in table “mysql”.”innodb_table_stats” is INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL but should be BINARY(4) NOT NULL (type mismatch). When this is a cPanel/WHM powered server. It can happen while updating from a previous database, and … Read more

WordPress Database Optimization MariaDB / MySQL and Other MySQL Queries

Issue: Sometimes databases, such as used by WordPress, need to be cleaned, as excessive cruft, over time, would slow down database operations. Solution: Prune unnecessary data out of the database, using the following commands. ALWAYS, make sure to create a database BACKUP BEFORE doing anything with your database. If there is a disaster, you would … Read more