Fixing cPanel Apache Fails to Start After ‘upcp’

Issue: On a cPanel powered server, when stopping Apache, and after completing /scripts/upcp – Apache fails to start. A message similar to the following displays in the terminal window: [email protected] [~]# service httpd startRedirecting to /bin/systemctl start httpd.serviceJob for httpd.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See “systemctl status httpd.service” and “journalctl … Read more

cPanel How to Suspend All Accounts

Issue: You have a reason to immediately suspend all account on a cPanel server. In such a scenario, using WHM *might* be too slow. Solution: SSH into the server and use the following command to suspend all accounts: Of course the same tool (script) can be used to suspend individual accounts: or unsuspend individual accounts:

Unable to Complete Yum Update CentOS / cPanel (glibc)

Scenario: During an automated update (CentOS running cPanel), the server failed (it was not responding to http, imap, etc.). An SSH session was established and the server rebooted (shutdown -r now). This caused the server to become accessible again (email, website, etc.) However, later it was discovered that automated updates were no longer working, with … Read more