This is the request form for current BlogLogistics clients. You can use this form if images of your website posts are not displaying on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Social Media Images

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LinkedIn and Facebook Only

In most cases we are able to help resolve images issues within minutes, it all depends on how fast the social media platform (LinkedIn, Facebook) processes the changes.

Please use the form on this page to request a rescrape, we use the URL you provide to initiate a rescrape of the original (working) post. We use the email address you enter to let you know that your request was processed.

We are happy to help you fix challenges with LinkedIn and Facebook images in shared posts.

Sometimes things do something unexpected. Ever share a post on LinkedIn or Facebook, and the text is there, but no image? It’s a very common issue, and effects websites from large news media portals, to small grass roots blogs.

In a nutshell,  websites such as Facebook, cache the content of a post the first time it is shared. If something in the original post changes, such as the image location, then the content needs to be manually visited (rescraped) by these websites. While these websites advise they clear their caches, in practice, we’ve found that’s not always apparent. We’ve also observed that they do not necessarily revisit the URL of a post that’s been previously shared.