My name is Roger Wheatley, I founded BlogLogistics to help enhance business growth for people interested in improving their revenue.

Visiting this website? I’ll bet you’re looking for ways to improve your online business.

Maybe you are looking for enhanced hosting solutions? Maybe for advice? Improving your existing online business? A specific solution to an issue? Improving your website speed? Have an ecommerce challenge? Or maybe you are looking to start an online business from the ground up? Whatever the reason, there are lots of people who can help you out with one or a couple specific challenges. They might even have awesome marketing material (and websites) with a lot of eye candy. They might try to promise you a #1 search ranking in Google.

To be blunt, eye-candy does not put food on the table. Spending excessive energy trying to rank #1 in Google, is not going to put food on the table. If you’re focused on the success without the work that goes into it, I may not be able to help you. If you’re looking for an agency with corner offices, cappuccino machines, marble foyers, and the higher related overhead costs passed on to you, I may not be able to help you.

I spend my time working on practical business initiatives, things that actually help a business grow, solutions that actually do something. Providing strategies and logistical solutions that best support your online initiatives. I spend my time on specific challenges, working with clients, to help grow their overall business goals.

Like you, I have my own unique qualities…

Living in the Far East, Europe and North America, gave me a different perspective, to think in creative problem solving ways. The ability to size up a challenge and expose often overlooked (or unknown), innovative opportunities and solutions. Today’s web enables me to remain an international consultant, and logistical solutions provider, with clients worldwide.

I’ve spent many years in management, with responsibilities including annual P&L budgets of $2.5 million, opening brick & mortar operations from the ground up, building and selling online businesses, as a lead technical network engineering instructor, website design, coordinating and bringing to fruition several online projects, responsibility over management teams and employees, marketing campaigns, among many other experiences…

You might be thinking… Can I help you grow your business?
The short reply: I probably might be able to help you.

While I’ve worked with countless people across multiple industries, which continues to give me a lot of experience in different venues and business operations, this does not always imply we would be a great fit.

In fact many of the people who visit this website are not in a position to benefit from one-on-one solutions, rather gain more help from BlogLogistics posts, articles, resources, and so on. So why are you here? I think I can answer that below…

Possibly your story more or less follows a similar path to mine?

I left college for multiple reasons, among them, an intrinsic understanding that I was not getting to learn effective, usable things, and in the long run, I became extremely bored and disenchanted with the experience, because there was no challenge in the curriculum for me. I was not provided with much new knowledge at all, and almost no tangible, practical instruction. It was like an assembly line to clone bots for production. Lots of theory, but very little action. Like you, I’m a dynamic person, interested in moving forward, trying new things, and bringing projects to maturity – An entrepreneur.

My father paved a start to my career, that ultimately branched into operations management. Running businesses for other people gave me the opportunity to learn and also garner strong effective skills, and I was well paid to do this.

The issue, while I enjoyed my work, I found ever increasing demands placed on my time. I was doing more and more, spending a growing amount of erratic hours at work, yet the increase in compensation seemed out of pace with the increased demands. It was as if the work I was doing was well beyond the scope of duties.

Computers were a hobby of mine since I was a teenager, and I found more and more of my time was spent troubleshooting technical issues, not only for my operation, but also for those of my colleagues – On my own free time.

I still wanted to work for myself, to grow my own path to business freedom.

Amusingly, I went back to college and obtained my Network Engineering certification, with additional certifications related to the Internet and computer + server support.

With those in hand, and my strong business credentials, I was able to open the door to freelancing as a full time technical instructor, with a regular guaranteed monthly revenue stream – Life was great.

I spent a few years building up network systems, specialized servers, procedures, as well as curriculum development, among many other aspects. The extra time also enabled me to run a successful web design, blogging, and computer repair business on the side. As with anything in life, and business, change is inevitable…

The company I was working with ceased operations, and I was left without a consistent income. An abrupt dash of cold water! Financially, the issue could have been a bigger disaster, my own small business kept me going, and I had my savings to draw on. I was very upset not only in the loss of a familiar daily routine, but also in using a fair amount of my savings. At that time, I felt all the work I had done on that business was for naught. When you are working primarily for someone else, they ultimately get to call the shots in what happens to their business.

The crazy part of this story… For years the people I worked with were all encouraging me to launch my own initiatives full time, not to rely on an employer, or one big client. And like many, I found the idea inviting, but wanted to keep the comfort of a regular income, while doing my own thing on the side. In hindsight, had I listened to what so many around me were saying, I’d have bypassed being tossed into the deep end of the pool. It was then I realized, when you have a good business idea, don’t reminisce about it, get it out there and launch! It’s easy to sit in comfort otherwise.

Again, why are you here? To answer that, it’s important to understand who I can help, and who I can’t.

If you are unable to leave your comfort zone and try out different ideas, I won’t be able to help you. If you prefer to stay where you are, without stepping out, without trying new things, business gets complicated, because change requires motivation and dedication. In terms of practicality, building a business requires us to move forward, not stand around by the side of the road.

You’ll need to be upbeat with a positive outlook. Don’t get me wrong we all have off days, it’s how they are handled, and how the drive to move forward helps. A positive mindset, really is a powerful key to success. If you are overly stressed, upset, an incessant sourpuss, etc. I won’t be able to help you.

The primary purpose of working with you, is providing the logistics to help you grow your business, to give you the freedom to accomplish your goals; which requires a positive, constructive outlook.

Finally, if you don’t have any challenges, and no real commitment to grow your business, I won’t be able to help you. It’s normal for people to “wish” about goals, to be enamoured by the thoughts of being a successful, popular business operator. In reality, I can only work with people who are past dreaming about success, and ready to take action, to do the hard work, and who want to adopt and use effective online logistical support to help ensure business success.

Who can I help?

People with positive ambition, who have the drive to work towards business success, and are willing to explore different ideas to reach their goals.

One important focal point is to build a passive income stream. Think about it this way… Building a business that also has the ability to sell the same product or service repeatedly. A wash, rinse, repeat scenario. Now imagine the power of numbers… Multiple clients all benefiting from your business, which in turn compounds passive income. Over several years, this becomes significant! I put the systems in place, to facilitate payment gateways, hosting, website solutions, among many other tools..

I’m here to help those seriously motivated to grow their business as their primary source of revenue.

I’m here to help those with an established business that they need to move forward, but are not sure which direction to move in. I’m here to help those launching a business, but not sure how to start up.

Understandably the online world can be confusing at times, making it harder to know how best to approach a challenge, how to start, or where to go.

I know from experience…

It is a better use of your time to build your business than to work in your business. Similarly, for many, better use of your time can be devoted to operating a business than reading books, blog posts, forum discussions, and so on. Sure, I participate in all these venues, but the benefits I provide, knowledge, experience, and practicality, help your business grow better, stronger.

One example…

Let’s say your business website needs improvement, and you want to retain a professional web designer to help you.

The problem?

In this scenario, your web designer is strong in the arts, graphics, web layouts, and so on. Are they experienced operations managers? Are they experienced network engineers? Are they strong in web server technical skills? Are they seasoned entrepreneurs with the knowledge to best position your online business initiatives for growth? Probably not.

They have no intrinsic idea why or what you really need, how your business can best benefit, or even why you are spending money on something. They can provide a nice website, then it’s up to you to fill in all the gaps. This is where the real world skills come into play, someone who can work with you and understand the “why”, so that you are leveraging the best (and most practical) business growth initiatives, along with all the underlying logistics and technical support.

What’s even worse… You might be missing some great opportunities. Stand back, look at the big picture, he or she knows their business, but cannot provide any other definitive advantages to your specific business needs, and likely is unaware.

Your business world is not theirs, and they often have little knowledge of the logistics. In any event, why should they? They are web designers, one piece of your puzzle, that needs to fit properly with the other pieces.

This is what I do, help you find the best pieces, while helping you fit them together in a focused, purposeful plan, and system that works for your business – And keeps it online, adapting as your business grows.

Do you want me to help you?

Over the years I’ve often worked with people who have all the right intentions, and genuinely wanted their business to thrive.

The reality, some were enamored with the romantic view of a thriving, successful, popular business. However the motivation to move forward was not strong.

Another challenge I often encountered was loss of interest after launch. It’s more invigorating for some to be in the midst of a booming business, but boredom seemed to set in, resulting in apathy, when it was time to build upon the foundations.

Here’s what I’m saying…

When you contact me, make sure you need my help, and have the zeal to follow through and launch your business growth strategy. Lot’s of forums, blogs, and so on, often paint a popular, rosy world of business life, a perfect world. I don’t pitch that perspective, I deal in realistic, practical matters, smooth sailing, and the challenges that come with it. Don’t get me wrong, cultivating and expanding your business is awesome! It takes work, dedication, and the receptiveness to learn new things. It requires strong knowledge and experience in the logistics (both technical and business wise).

If that’s you, and you are resolute about enhancing your business initiatives. I’m very interested in listening, and hearing your story. I’d be interested in working with you to help you reach your goals!

Ready to grow your business? Let's work together!

For almost twenty years, my expertise in business management has helped businesses bring their goals to fruition. I provide practical, logistical services for your business website. The key strategies to help realize greater business freedom through smarter operations is paramount in today’s global marketplace.