Press Release Writing Packages

Press release writing packages provide you a stress-free way of getting a professionally written press release. Press releases are a great way to communicate your message to the public.

A press release is, at its most basic level, a written announcement of newsworthy events that you want covered by the media. A well-written press release can give journalists the information they need to write about your story without making excessive phone calls or sending lots of email back and forth with you for quotes and background material.

Press releases are also an effective way to distribute information about your company’s activities in an organized manner. They can be used internally as well as externally, making them useful for public relations purposes both within and outside of your organization. Press releases also provide good content for newsletters, website updates, blog posts and other social media platforms where you might need to share information.

Press Releases Title and Introduction

This is a great tool for your public & media relations initiatives!

Press Release

An effective public relations tool


Includes a title and Introduction

Up to 800 words

Delivery 15 business days

Provided with 1 version

2 revision requests available

Why Use a Press Release?

A press release does not have to be long in order to get the point across. Keeping your press release short and sweet can help ensure that it gets published in a timely manner.

Use clear, action verbs that will interest the media and help them understand what you have to tell them. Avoid jargon and fluff words such as “new, unique, leading edge” and so on. Journalists are pressed for time and don’t want to spend valuable energy trying to decode your message.

Decide who will be writing the press release, as it generally should not be written by people involved in the actual events themselves. Instead of getting sidetracked on details, they can focus on communicating clearly and concisely with a minimum of jargon and insider language.

The title should be short, descriptive and grab attention immediately. Use active verbs in order to make the titles more interesting to read.

Remember that your press release is not an advertisement or a product announcement. It contains no promotional information other than facts that provide credibility to what you are communicating. While press releases should only contain the facts of the events or topics you wish to publicize, they should not include quotes from satisfied customers or endorsements from people in your company.