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If you are looking for immediate solutions that yield immediate results… Keep researching. If you want your business problems solved, talk to a specialist. BlogLogistics is talking to a selected number of people every month to help those business people reach beyond the research stage, and move towards achieving results. We’ll provide the tools, infrastructure and support to get you rolling forward, or help overcome your specific challenge. Ready to stop excessive research and get something accomplished? Contact us now and start working towards your business goals.

Online business logistical support… What is that?

In a nutshell, BlogLogistics provides the detailed coordination of multiple elements (people, servers, tools) towards supporting your business growth.
The key is to provide the technical expertise, along with practical business solutions, to help improve business operations.

The mission is to help clients grow their business, using online solutions. Providing wisdom for needed answers, and practical tools to improve operations.

Three approaches to logistical support for online business initiatives

#1 Business operations support

(Business, administrative, marketing)

  • Business plan guidance and collaboration for new ventures
  • Assist with action plans and schedules
  • Advise and strategize on marketing initiatives
  • Pinpointing and leverage advantages
  • Business launch advisement and development of sales funnels
  • Enhancing digital marketing for improved business growth
  • Support on specific challenges when needed
  • Troubleshooting existing operations and advisement
  • Training initiatives to enhance business and related operations
  • Access hands-on expertise in online business

#2 Technical solutions

(Technical, hosting, website design)

  • eCommerce solutions and related
  • DNS records management and operation
  • Web server solutions and related business tools
  • eMail solutions and services including third party bulk
  • Backup solutions and data protection
  • Web design, SEO, Microdata, and related
  • Domain name registrations
  • Website core, plugin, theme, update maintenance (WordPress)
  • Security solutions
  • Mobile, desktop, tablet optimization (speed, layout, etc.)

#3 Full operations collaboration

(Business and technical solutions)

  • Enhanced marketing initiatives, including content creation
  • Improved business visibility (search engines and social media)
  • Faster business launch initiatives
  • Greater ROI opportunities, vertical and horizontal growth
  • Shortcuts (reduced trial and error cycles)
  • Access to newer, improved technologies
  • Advanced motivation and self-confidence
  • Increased productivity, automation, and AI
  • Overcome business challenge points
  • Maximize revenue

Who We Help… Are You in One of These Groups, Are You In Several?


You are managing a small niche business, with a balanced lifestyle, and need the freedom to work from anywhere.


You provide consulting, freelancing, coaching services and want the ability to work anywhere, anytime worldwide.


You operate successful businesses such as retail, content syndication, web design, and prefer location independence.

Do you want to improve your business?

I provide practical, logistical services to improve your online initiatives. The key strategies, and technologies, to help realize greater business freedom and revenue, through smarter operations, helping bring your goals to fruition. Are you ready?