Fix cPanel / WHM White Screen

Logging into WHM and dashboard displays a white screen (but all navigation selections are working).

Solution 1:
SSH into server and restart cPanel with this command:

service cpanel restart

Solution 2:
If after restart (above), and no error display, but white screen still displays, then it’s most likely some kind of firewall related issue, which would be blocking things in WHM. To see whether that’s the case, SSH into server and flush IP tables with this command:

iptables -F

Load WHM. If everything works properly now, then there’s a problem with firewall rules – which you would either have to disable or reconfigure.

Solution 3:
If all of the above does not resolve the issue, it could be a problem with cPanel itself. Upgrade cPanel to the latest available version using the “-f” switch to force everything being reinstalled:

/scripts/upcp -f

Potential solution:

mv /var/cpanel/pluginscache.cache /usr/local/src

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