Easy Start Your 2-Step Solution

BlogLogistics - Easy Start

Are you a business owner or blogger who wants to launch your website faster and cheaper?

You’re in luck! We offer the best of both worlds – content writing and WordPress hosting. This means we do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters most, like growing your business. Our turnkey delivery will save you time and money while producing a faster website launch. Plus, our hands-free service makes it easy for new businesses website or new blogs to get started without struggling with content creation.

An Easy Start to Your Online Marketing!

You don’t have to worry about anything when it comes to our service because we’ve got it covered from start-to-finish. We’ll handle all aspects of your project so that you can focus on what matters most – growing your business! With BlogLogistics Easy Start, there’s nothing else as high quality like it on the market today – which is why we’re confident that once you try us out, you won’t want anyone else but us taking care of your WordPress hosting or content needs ever again!

Get an “Easy Start” today!

Easy Start!

Best for starting out


5 Pages (About, Contact, Homepage, Blog page, one Product or Service).

Up to 600 words for each page

Delivery 30 business days

1 year of WordPress Budget Hosting is included

The benefits…

After ordering we will reach out to you for details.

We’ll help with any domain related, technical things.

Yes, we will write the content for each page, based upon some input from you

We’ll handle everything from writing the content for the pages as well as installing, configuring, and getting your website up and running.

The Easy Start bundle package is intended for new websites, but if you have questions, by all means please do contact us before purchasing.

Yes, you can request more pages added to this package, please ask us to provide you with a quote.

The “Easy Start” program marries two packages together:

  • WordPress Budget Hosting
  • 5 Pages of Content Writing

When you select the “Get Started” button, you’ll first enter your domain name, then simply follow the steps.

Don’t have a domain name yet? Namecheap is an awesome domain name registrar, I personally use and recommend them for clients.