This is page is best used for current BlogLogistics clients. You can use this page to display your IP address when client support services ask you what your IP address is.

Sometimes support for technical related challenges requires some extra information.
Often, we may ask you what your IP address is.

In the most general terms, an IP address is a unique string of numbers separated by periods (dots) that identifies each computer using the Internet to communicate with servers, and other devices. In some ways you can think of it a little bit like a telephone number. When someone dials your phone number, it’s unique to your phone. Similarly, when a server sends you a web page, that your web browser requests, it sends the data to your IP address, which is unique to your Internet connection.

When BlogLogistics client care and support ask you for your IP address.
Please provide the IP address (series of numbers with dots) you see below:

(Please copy + paste the above IP address, then add it to your client care and support help ticket reply)