cPanel Migrate EasyApache 3 to EA4

Issue: cPanel is ending support for EA3 in January 2018. Servers that use FastCGI are not yet natively supported in EA4.

Update: This is an old post. All cPanel now comes standard with EA4. This post left live for posterity only.


  • Apache-FastCGI
  • Ability to install and use Apache DSO
  • PHP-MailHeaders
  • Apache-Fileprotect
  • Apache Mod Cloudflare
  • Apache Access


Apache-FastCGI – To install mod_fcgid, enable the “Experimental Repository”

yum install ea4-experimental

To install FastCGI:

yum install ea-apache24-mod_fcgid

Or remove it (if removal is ever required):

yum remove ea-apache24-mod_fcgid

FastCGI and EA4 Caveats:

  • You cannot use the FastCGI daemon (FCGId) with MultiPHP.
  • mod_fcgid Apache moduleis recommended for advanced system administrators who understand how to modify the performance of the mod_fcgid Apache module.

Apache DSO – You can install the DSO PHP package in the PHP Extensions section of WHM’s EasyApache 4 interface via WHM >> Home >> Software >> EasyApache 4

PHP-MailHeaders – This functionality is included by default with PHP in EasyApache 4. You can test this by sending a test email via a PHP script and noticing the “X-PHP-Script” entry in the message header.

Apache-Fileprotect – File Protect is enabled via the “Enable File Protect” option under the “Security” tab in “WHM >> Tweak Settings” on systems using EasyApache 4.

Apache Mod Cloudflare – GitHub’s latest installer includes support for EasyApache 4:

Apache Access – In the case of Mod_Access, it’s deprecated in Apache 2.4. Thus, it’s not included with EasyApache 4. Instead, the following modules are compiled with Apache by default:

Further documentation:

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