The Perfect WordPress wp-config.php

Issue: Standardizing the WordPress config, for use in multiple installations, and with settings that help improve operations. Solution: Use the following code (below) as a drop-in for installations. Simply replace the code that contain “…XX…” with your valid code. And… Always generate new salt keys; by visiting: (never use the same keys across multiple … Read more

Improving HTTPS / SSL Strength for Domains

Issue: cPanel (version 78.0.21) powered server where a domain (Apache is in use) is showing a poor score on the Qualys SSL Labs report. In particular there are several weak cipher suites in use. Also weak protocols are in use. Also HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), and DNS Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) are not in … Read more

WordPress Database Optimization MariaDB / MySQL and Other MySQL Queries

Issue: Sometimes databases, such as used by WordPress, need to be cleaned, as excessive cruft, over time, would slow down database operations. Solution: Prune unnecessary data out of the database, using the following commands. ALWAYS, make sure to create a database BACKUP BEFORE doing anything with your database. If there is a disaster, you would … Read more