Configure cPanel Exim 4 to Relay Outbound Email Using SendGrid

Issue: Email reputation is quickly becoming a dominant facet effecting deliverability of email. SendGrid, among several, is an email service that offers features such as validation, analytics, and so on, and has other features to help improve your email reputation. In this example a server is using Exim with cPanel. Solution: Configure Exim to use … Read more

Adding cPanel DKIM Record to External DNS.

Issue: When adding a cPanel generated DKIM key to an external server, error messages such as: Value contains mismatched quotes. All beginning quotes must have a corresponding terminating quote. may display. This is a result of the syntax used by cPanel based servers for the: default._domainkeyThe solution: Ensure quotes (double quotes) are used. Please see … Read more

Invalid Domain Key (DKIM) Fix

Issue: After troubleshooting a cPanel server for email deliverability, it’s found that the DKIM key is invalid, When keys are generated, the hash creates the public key (placed in DNS records), and the server retains the private key. Sometimes the records can be edited, leaving the keys invalid. Solution: Regenerate the DKIM keys. Establish an … Read more