Creating a BIMI DNS Record for Email Brand Indicators

Issue: You need to improve email engagement, using brand indicators. You also need to improve the visibility of fraudulent vs legitimate email (from your business). Solution: Create a BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) record for your domain . To successfully use BIMI, your domain must already have completed full DMARC enforcement. DKIM, SPF, DMARC … Read more

Edit or Add DNS Name Resolver on CentOS

Issue: Upstream DNS provider fails to resolve some domain names. Troubleshooting confirms the issue is with upstream DNS partners, and not your server. Solution: Edit the resolv.conf file to use more reliable DNS servers. In example below Level 3 nameservers will be used. And the file may be edited to look like the following example: … Read more

How to Add a Wildcard DNS Record

Wildcard subdomains are useful to allow end users of a domain-based WordPress multisite network to create new sites on demand. In this type of network each new site has its own subdomain, and the wildcard configuration means that those subdomains do not have to be configured individually. Apache: In the httpd.conf file, or in the … Read more