Blogging for Real Estate Agents: Builds Trust, Attracts Leads

You’ve probably already noticed how active your clients are online. They’ve viewed homes before they even call you, they’re mentioning stats they’ve read online and they’re hungry for information. Where are they finding it? Likely by searching for and reading blog posts on topics that interest them. Blogging for real estate agents is a proven way to attract new real estate clients and establish yourself as a trusted authority in your community.

Real estate agents (and brokers) need to be everywhere online – from realtor websites to social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – So why not add a blog? In this post we will discuss what realtors should include in their blogs and how blogging can help grow their business!

Why should real estate agents blog?

Real estate agents are always on the hunt for new leads. It’s not enough to post your listings online and hope they find you by chance. You need to be proactive about finding sellers, so blogging is a great way to do just that! Blogging will help establish you as an expert in your community. Plus, blogging lets you create content without having to worry about coming up with ideas all the time! Most times your leads and clients will let you know what to blog about.

Do Real Estate Agents Need Blogs?

Blogging for real estate agents can also help you build your personal brand by showcasing your personality and expertise so potential clients get to know who you are before they ever meet you in person. What’s more, blogging can help you attract leads by providing valuable content that potential clients will want to read. So, the answer is yes – real estate agents definitely need blogs!

Think of it this way…

Your competitor has a great blog, with interesting, informative posts, that engages their audience. Over time a blog will build a following and the engagement that comes with it. In other words, your competitor is more visible, and seen as an authority. What’s more, because that agent has a good blog, they are able to drive social media channels to it – Read that as “more leads”.

Without a blog, and the benefits that come with it, who do you think will likely get the lead? Who will the seller first contact?

Yes, that’s right… The competitor scores!

Client Lead Introductions 24/7!

Here’s a novel thought… Your blog is used to sell you and your services 24/7, even when sleeping! What’s you main goal? – Getting more leads to grow your business! You can’t realistically achieve this without a way of getting yourself introduced to your target market.

Your blog is pitched towards your niche, and can introduce you to sellers in a geographic area, property style such as condos, or other related niches you specialize in. When introducing you, your blog is already building your credibility and authority, which keeps the seller engaged so they will more than likely to reach out to you first!

You’ve most likely already published your listings and “about you” information on your broker’s (or your) website, but blog articles allow you to describe your procedure, quote endorsements from delighted clients, and go into further detail about all the extra value you provide above others.

Building Your Credibility and Authority

Plainly put, people are going to reach out to agents they know more about, and feel are able to provide the best for their needs – This is where your blog comes in. It’s one of the most efficient and effective ways to get your name out there, and make a lasting impression on potential clients.

When blogging for real estate agents, you want to ensure that all of your posts are high quality, informative, and engaging. This will help you build trust with potential clients, and attract leads from people who are interested in your services.

Blogging is another way to establish authority and credibility for real estate agents, which will help you grow your business!

Your blogging strategy should be tailored towards what works best for you, but always include these key elements: Relevant information that’s educational, interesting or entertaining – Engaging content – Strive to offer something new and different.

Build Goodwill in Your area!

Real estate decisions are not just a transaction, be mindful that sellers (and buyers) have experience a lot of emotion in the process! It pays to demonstrate your awareness along with your integrity.

By blogging for real estate agents, you can build trust with potential clients, attract leads from people who are interested in your services, and establish authority and credibility.

Be sure to address potential leads by helping them learn about you and understanding that you’re someone they can count on. Let them know what you are doing to help improve the community.

Build Your Website Traffic

Much (if not the majority) of our website traffic comes from people trying to find relevant, fresh content to answer their questions. Is “freshness” a ranking factor, that helps boost your visibility, and traffic? According to most sources, including SEJ…

Yes, freshness of content is a ranking factor.”

However, in order to keep your blog content fresh, you need to continually publish new and original content. This will not only help you attract more website traffic, but it will also help you rank higher in search engine results pages.

By blogging regularly, you can not only keep your website visitors engaged, but you can also establish yourself as a valuable source of information within your industry.

Nurture and Grow Your Leads

When you’re busy (or not), your website is your salesperson! It’s where property sellers and buyers will go for information before calling you – Which is one salient benefit of blogging for real estate agents! In reality, they may spend hours surfing the web before making contact with you. In all likelihood they’ve also subscribed to your mailing list.

Typically, they might be doing research to move to a new city, a neighborhood, or buying their first investment home, or selling their existing property as part of their retirement strategy.

You can help nurture that by placing a clear CTA (Call to Action) as part of each blog post. These CTAs can be as simple as subscribing to your newsletter, offering a home evaluation, phoning you directly, or any other “call” you can envision to keep your audience engaged with you.

Keep Your Content Relevant

Simply put… People are not going to read all your property listings, nor are property listings a viable way of remaining relevant while keeping sellers and buyers engaged.

In fact, the majority will not use your website to view listings, instead they will go to larger authoritative listing such as Realtor, Remax, Zillow, etc.

So what’s the gist here? Blog about things that sellers or buyers can appreciate and use:

  • Property value updates
  • Property tax tips
  • Advice about increasing property value
  • Seasonal property care tips
  • Upcoming industry changes

Blogging for real estate agents can include all sorts of topics that are related to real estate, making sure that your posts provide genuine value (which also makes it more shareable across social media channels).

Posting your relevant content regularly, helps keep existing clients and potential leads engaged with you – And encourages more referrals.

Your Blog is a Long Term ROI

Without question, traditional marketing initiatives are expensive – Once your flyer, newspaper ad, radio spot are past, or hit the recycle bin, the money is gone. This is a short term approach (that does not build a long term asset).

Blogging for real estate agents builds valuable content, which are assets that you retain (and continue to grow)!

Your blog posts will continue to profit you long after they’ve been published. Continually updating your most popular articles allows them to stay relevant indefinitely. The investment does not go to the recycle bin, as with traditional marketing – Rather each new piece of content you add continues to grow your asset larger.

Over the long term, this can become part of your lead generation machine!

Your Next Lead Has Already Gone Online to Find You!

The world has shifted to a digital realm, which means that anyone who wants to reach out and connect with customers must adapt. There is a lot of competition in today’s market, and homeowners now have access to much more data than they had before.

Real estate agents who stay relevant and offer value, will be top of mind when their potential leads are making decisions about selling or buying their next property.

Blogging for real estate agents is a great way to interact with potential clients, and establish yourself as an authority in your industry.

In this blog post I’ve provided several blogging tips that will help you nurture leads from sellers (and buyers) looking for someone like you. From blogging regularly on topics related to the housing market, to including CTA’s at the end of each article, blogging can be a powerful lead generation tool if done correctly.

If you would like more information about how blogs work or need assistance making yours successful feel free to reach out – I’m more that happy to provide answers and solutions!


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