Billable Item Set Hours to Two Decimal Places

Issue: By default WHMCS rounds up the hours entered (into billable items) to a single decimal place. In order for correct costing, it then automatically adjusts the hourly rate (so the client is charged the correct amount). The hourly rate needs to remain consistent, thus the hours entered needs to use two decimal places instead of one. In WHMCS version 7.1, there is no GUI feature to change this behaviour.

Solution: Edit the database directly, to configure billable hours entered to use two decimal places.

  1. For simplicity, access the database via phpMyAdmin and create a backup.
  2. Then look for the table: tblbillableitems
  3. Select “Structure” and find “hours”
  4. Change / Edit the “hours” and find “Length/Values”
  5. See that it is currently set to: 5,1
  6. Change it to read as 5,2
  7. Click “Save”

Billable hours will now display and calculate using two decimal places.

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