Be a Great Guest Blog Writer at BlogLogistics!

Guest Blog Writer

Are you interested in being a guest blog writer? This is a blog covering a wide range of things “online”. We have a very new blog that covers topics related to digital marketing, content creation – Along with some website hosting topics. Products, services, places, people, and businesses.

Keenly interested in never before published, original, posts about:

  • WordPress tips and how to’s for users
  • How to best engage digital marketing
  • Local SEO practises and benefits
  • Useful and productive solutions for business websites

Naturally, any guest post submissions related to these things may likely fit in nicely!

Preferred posts are those that write about topics such as:

  • WordPress website optimization (for improved SEO and user experiences)
  • Website (WordPress) themes that provide specific solutions to businesses (and bloggers)
  • Digital marketing guides for specific channels (social media, email, ads, affiliate, etc.)
  • Guides or blueprints to help websites improve their reach and productivity.
Guest Post Writer

A Guest Blog Writer for BlogLogistics

  • Guest posts you contribute to the community should be at least 1000 words and must be unique (not published elsewhere).
  • Please do not include affiliate links. Sorry, we don’t want pure marketers adding link-bait content.
  • Please use H2 and H3 headings only (they help with your SEO).
  • It’s okay to include video and audio content whenever possible.
  • Please ensure your post is evergreen!
  • Please have at least two active social media accounts in your personal name with authentic head-shots, open at least 6 months.
  • Provide an authentic biography, that is non-promotional and in your personal name.
  • Ensure two relevant anchor links to existing posts on the BlogLogistics website.

How Do I Submit a Post Idea?

Please reach out, and contact me with your post idea.

If we both think it’s a great idea, and move forward, you will be provided with a user profile and password of your own. Then you can login and write your post directly in the backend of this blog, at any time, from anywhere, you want.

Moving forward… Each time you want to write a new post, simply log back in and contribute.

Submitted posts generally take about 48 – 72 hours before they are approved and published.

After I Create a Post, What Will Happen?

When your post is published here on BlogLogistics, you are free to share it on your social media channels. This will help you grow your brand, and your audience, while boosting your credibility within your niche audience.

We will also share your post across our social media channels.

You will retain the moral rights only, to the content you gave us.

Please make absolutely sure that you do not republish the post to any other websites (if so, we will remove the post off this blog). This is to avoid the issue of duplicate content, where neither website will benefit from the content, as search engines won’t necessarily know which version to use for the search indexing.

Above all, please do share your tips, “finds”, advice, and inspiration with anyone in your circle.