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Roger Wheatley

Roger Wheatley founded BlogLogistics to help enhance business growth for people interested in improving their revenue.

World traveller… Network engineer… Freelance writer… College instructor… Computer geek… Eternal student…

What’s the magic in the service? Come closer…

Maybe you are looking for a WordPress hosting solutions? Maybe for advice? A specific solution to an issue? Having trouble getting good content for your website? Whatever the reason, there are lots of people who can help you with one or a couple specific challenges. They might even have awesome marketing material or websites with a lot of eye candy. They might try to promise you a #1 search ranking in Google.

What Interest’s Roger Wheatley?

Since 1999, I have been working with web hosting solutions and offering exceptional website content since 2002.

I’m interested in innovative and creative, yet practical ideas that can be implemented to enhance the performance of your business. I create incredible SEO-friendly, one-of-a-kind website articles and blog posts that help you build your audience.

I also provide WordPress hosting services, which helps you get your messages out there more quickly. I focus on challenges, collaborating with clients to help them achieve their larger business goals via excellent content that converts, and trustworthy WordPress hosting solutions that work. I listens, then provide – Simple!

Roger Wheatley’s Favorite Quote

When you buy from a small business, you’re not donating money to a CEO to buy a third vacation home. Instead… You’re helping a little girl go to summer camp, a little boy get a bike, help a mother and father buy food and clothes, help a family save up to buy a home, help a young student pay for a college education. When you buy from a small business you are supporting your own community.

What do some people say about Roger Wheatley?

Mike Hobson - Room at a Time Painting

He takes a genuine interest in you as a person and your business. His experience,knowledge, insight and ideas to get me on a successful path have been a big relief to me as a small business owner”.

Mike Hobson
Room at a Time Painting

Each of us have our own distinct characteristics…

Living in the Far East, Europe, and here in North America, broadened my viewpoint, allowing me to think creatively about client needs and solutions. The ability to size up a problem and discover innovative information-writing solutions that are frequently overlooked.

Today’s internet enables me to remain a “Business Niche Growth Facilitator” throughout the world, providing well optimized content and logistical services to clients all around the world.

I’ve spent many years in management, with responsibilities including annual P&L budgets of $2.5 million or more, opening brick & mortar operations from the ground up, building and selling online businesses, as a lead technical network engineering instructor, website design, hosting server sysadmin, coordinating and bringing to fruition several online projects, responsibility over management teams and employees, marketing campaigns, among many other experiences.

All these skills come to bear on your project needs, not only to bring them to fruition, but to do so with a strong, professional style, to benefit you further!

You might be wondering… Is there anything I can do to help you expand your business?

The quick answer? …Yes!

I work with a wide range of people from various sectors, which allows me to gain even more expertise in different settings and company operations. This translates well into effective content writing and reliable WordPress hosting support solutions.

Typically, the clients I help, have two concerns they want assistance with:

#1 Developing original, unique, SEO optimized content that helps convert, for their websites and marketing efforts.

#2 Reliable WordPress hosting solutions that work, with dependable, personalized assistance when things go sideways.

From professional experience…

Working in your business is a more efficient use of your time than attempting to accomplish everything on your own.

I’m also a freelance writer who can create compelling content about almost anything you can throw at me, as well as keep the nuts and bolts of your website humming. You’ll have more time to focus on growing your business once you’ve resolved these challenges, which prevent you from doing so. 

It’s time to reach out and take advantage of all the features, benefits, and tools that allow you to manage your content and hosting needs.

What do some people say about Roger Wheatley?

Dennis J. Pitocco - CEO, Solopreneur, Disruptor

An unparalleled level of 24/7 responsiveness and a consistent willingness to rise to every challenge we’ve tossed in his direction. Always a professional. Always understanding”.

Dennis J. Pitocco
CEO, Solopreneur, Disruptor

If you’re struggling to keep your website running smoothly, but don’t have the time or expertise to do so yourself, I can help! You’ll also find that I’m great with creating compelling content about topics of your choosing. To learn more and see if it might work out for you without breaking the bank, contact Roger Wheatley today!

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